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Our Projects

Palácio Belmonte
Luxury Private Guest House & Palace Hotel
198bC Cultural Landmark

A five star world prized Palace Hotel, in the heart of Lisbon; former home of the Count of Belmonte, Pedro Álvares Cabral, and with over two thousands years of history. Today, as a private guest house, a world prized and reknown luxury palace hotel.

The Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe
Venue for Happenings & Events

A cafe, a bar, a place of comfort and reunion; located in Palácio Belmonte’s front pation and stage to The Belmonte Cultural Club presentations.

Lx International Workshops
International Workshop programs
at Palácio Belmonte / Lisbon

Development of workshops and conferences that enable sustainable solutions to social and urban platforms, both through regeneration programs and artistic/conceptual projects.

Lightcraft Festival
International Cultural Event
presenting concept works of international artists

Developed in the framework of the International Year of Light, and with original interpretations of the Art of Light, in the outdoor and indoor spaces of Palácio Belmonte, in Lisbon, Lightcraft Festival promotes yearly site-specific interventions comprising several permanent and ephemeral art works, where Light is leading figure in representation of the artistic vision.

Castelnau des Fieumarcon
Luxury Venues for Weddings & Private Events
XIIth Century Stronghold & Cultural Landmark

An entire fortified township to let for two days or more; with over eight centuries and once home of the musketeers; in the heart of Gascony, south of France; today, a majestic scenary as no other, designing one-of-a-kind moments for weddings and private events.

Gx International Workshops
International Workshop programs
at Castelnau des Fieumarcon / Gascony

Development of workshops and artist residencies that enable sustainable solutions to ecological and social platforms, both through regeneration programs and artistic/conceptual projects.

Jiu Xian Garden Village
Artists in Residence & Workshop programs
Ming Village sustainable Cultural Landmark

A ming village of the southeast of China, merged within the landscape and fully restored to sustainable living, through the intervention of Artistic Residencies.

Ban Song
Community & School Restoration program

Restoration of a traditional community school in the Ban Song district, south of Thailand.

Rostov Port Street
Social & Sustainable Regeneration concept-plan/workshop

Thinking towards a new city landmark for Rostov, as a symbol for a sustainable lifestyle open to the outside world, Portstreet was designed to provide a showroom a forum for the local creative industry, as for students, artists, associations and the local & surrounding communities, while enabling a green urban regeneration program.

Ecovila d’Ezammour Al Jadida
Ecological Management program/proposal for the Moroccan region
Ecovila Vale de Caparide
Life cycles Ecological Management program/proposal
Project Setúbal
Social & Urban concept-plan/program for Sustainable Living
Bairro Destino
Urban & Social Regeneration project